Clean holiday with renewable energy

Camping Relax is the only structure of the area that exclusively uses renewable energy: with the photovoltaic system and solar panels get enough energy for the whole year, and to meet all the needs of our guests.

An innovative use of renewable resources allows us to take full advantage of the sunlight that never fails on Lake Garda. We are completely independent from external sources and produce clean energy to 100%, which gives both our home that the entire camp.

The photovoltaic system is installed on the roof of our house, where he received much direct sunlight and converts it into electricity. It produces electricity to the power of 10 kW and makes it available for all daily activities, such as conditioner, hairdryer, computer, telephone, washing machine.

The solar panels are placed around the camp as they convert sunlight into heat, they get hot water for showers and there we heat in winter.

Erneuerbar Energie


The photovoltaic system

A photovoltaic system is able to convert the sunlight into electrical energy, this is stored in the silicon modules and remains ready for use at night or even at a later time.

The conversion of energy takes place almost immediately after exposure to sunlight. The energy produced initially in direct current (DC), an inverter then converts the DC into AC power (CA), making it suitable for domestic use: you can then use for the light, the air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator , the television...
When you produce more energy than it consumes, the excess energy is fed into the local power grid.
The photovoltaic system use is growing, as shown as the Renewable Observatory report: in the first six months of 2016 increased by 30% the installation of photovoltaic plants in Italy; 54% of total installations is made up of power installations of less than 20 Kw.
The Camping Relax, employing the optimal system, it emerges like a pearl in a region in which the use of renewable resources is still low compared to the rest of Italy.



Solar panels

Solar panels convert sunlight into heat. They are also called "solar collectors" and consist of devices containing a fluid that, when it is heated by the sun, transfers the heat to the water.

At the camping, they are placed along the borders of the camp and are used for heating in winter, and fornish hot water all year round. The hot water produced is stored in a tank and used on demand.
Solar panels are perfect substitutes of the boiler or water heater, produces hot water without using gas or electricity for the shower, to wash dishes, and all other household necessities.
The economic savings is substantial, but it is even more to electricity: it is estimated that each year an average household with solar panels would save about 8 cubic meters of natural gas for domestic hot water heating by gas boiler, or 80 Gwh of electricity otherwise produced by the electric heater for the bathroom.

Sonnenkollektoren Und PV

The use of renewable energy has several advantages: it is not just a personal choice that allows you to reduce costs in the bill, but it is mostly a lifestyle choice. The green energy helps to reduce pollution and the damage it caused, it also reduces the import of oil and gas from foreign countries, making the state more energy independent.