Extra-Vergin Olive Oil production


Agricamping Relax annually produces extra-virgin olive oil with ancient olive trees of the Mantovani family. The olives are harvested by hand and processed with traditional methods, to obtain a high quality and rich in nutrients oil.

Lake Garda, with its mild climate, proves an ideal place for the growth of olive trees, which is why the production of extra virgin olive oil has become a tradition of the locality. Our land is situated in the mid-mountain, home to more than 250 olive trees from which we get every year up to 3 tons of extra virgin oil.

Raccolta delle olive all'Agricampeggio Relax    Raccolta delle olive a mano

The olives ripen between mid-September to early November, and this is the time when you start the collection: all'Agricampeggio Relax is made exclusively by hand, as they did once. Not just because we like coinvogere our guests into the agrarian life, but above all because this is the only sure way to avoid compromising the integrity of the olives.

When the skin of the olive color changes slowly veering from light green to pale yellow and finally to red vinous, it is the right time for harvesting.

The olives are made to detach from the tree gently shaking his hair, and let it fall onto nets spread out on the lawn below. The process is completely manual, and this allows us to personally control the quality of the olives: we verify that they are all at the right point of maturity and that they are not damaged or dented, so as not to affect the oil goodness that you will get.

Raccolta delle olive

The harvest is placed in boxes and taken immediately to the mill. Never go more than 12 hours between the time of harvesting and pressing, our oil is produced on the same day in which the olives are detached from the tree. In this way we preserve the freshness of fruits and avoid starting fermentation processes or oxidation due to storage too long.

At the mill the olives are stripped of leaves and twigs, and washed; then they are ready to be milled. A coarse grinder grinds the olives in order to facilitate the extraction of oil, and derives an oily paste, which is then mixed with slow movements, so as to separate the water molecules from those of oil. This phase is called kneading and can last an hour, the dough must be kept at a fixed temperature not exceeding 25 degrees - this is called "cold pressing."

To obtain the oil is finally required a last step, in which the pasta is made to pass inside a centrifuge with a horizontal axis (decanter) which cleaves the elements on the basis of their specific weight: water, oil and residue oil.

Pulitura delle olive   Produzione olio extravergine d'oliva - stoccaggio delle olive

The oil is extra-high-quality virgin, harvested from carefully selected olives and squeezed in a day, bottled in dark glass bottles that have retained their freshness and preserve the special summer aroma of our ancient olive trees.

The extra-virgin olive oil of Ferdinand Mantovani is produced entirely in Castelletto di Brenzone, and sold inside dell'Agricampeggio Relax.

Produzione propria di olio extra vergine d'oliva